Breast Milk Jewellery Range

We offer a stunning selection of incredibly special breastmilk jewellery items and ornamental keepsake peices. We take a small amount of your liquid gold, and preserve it to then grind down and add to your desired item. You can also add an enamel 'liquid gold' pin to celebrate breast feeding and support other breastfeeding mums to your order - find out more about Ellie the creator and the beautiful pin here. 

We can use fresh or frozen milk, and will send a kit to collect just 5ml of your supply to the address provided on the order form. 


Please note that to ensure we receive your milk safely and quickly, we can only accept UK based orders for breastmilk jewellery for the time being. We will be launching a breastmilk kit in the near future for you to do at home suitable for customers overseas. 

Please refer to our FAQs page for answers to many commonly asked questions.