.925 pawprint bracelet charm

.925 pawprint bracelet charm

This very dainty little sterling silver pawprint charm is a universal fit for most charm bracelets, and can include a very small amount of pet fur and ashes. This charm is double sided so can contain both fur and ashes, or inclusions from 2 pets. Choose from any colour to go in the remaining pads. 

  • Ordering

    Upon ordering you will receive a confirmation email that includes our address for you to send your inclusions to. For any hair or pet fur please place in a watertight bag within a watertight envelope to send, with a clear note inside stating your name, return address and order. 


    For ashes we are able to provide a small pot for you to send these to us, if you do not require this please locate a small, secure pot to send half a tsp per order (if you have an order with muliple items please include a full level tsp). This can then be placed inside a watertight envelope and sent to the address in the email. 


    We recommend always sending signed for or tracked. 


    Resin keepsakes will take approximately 2 - 3 weeks from the date we receive your inclusions to be back with you. Some jewellery items may take 4 - 6 weeks if the silver piece is custom made for us. 


My name is Ellie, I’m 29 and plan on sticking at 29 for some years yet. I have two kids who both drive my crazy and make me the happiest person alive. I am also a serial collector of hobbies and interests and love being creative, resourceful and independent.

I run a small business, www.elle-co.co.uk from my house and I take over ALOT of space. But though tiring at times, managing a day job, the kids and some semblance of sanity is a struggle, starting the business have given me a direction I didn’t know I was missing.

I’m a breastfeeding Mama (despite the fact I’m beyond ready to stop - my youngest does not agree) and was lucky enough to have the support to be able to breastfeed both my children.

Sharing stories with friends about just how bloody hard breastfeeding is and the lack of recognition of just how exhausting & relentless it can be, I decided to design a pin, that can be bought or gifted as a reminder of boobs being just absolutely incredible.

I firmly believe in not judging mamas for their choices and in being certain that we are all just winging it and trying to do our best as we negotiate motherhood. We just don’t always feel it’s possible, understandably, to share that vulnerability.

I remember the first time I took my son out alone (I was struggling with Post Natal Depression at the time) and I was absolutely terrified. I was petrified of having to feed him in public and fearful of someone’s negative or judgmental reaction’s and how vulnerable I felt.

And instead, I sat down in Starbucks where a Barista took my order, gave me a drink, for free, and served it to my table. The sandwich I bought I struggled to eat no handed, cradling a newborn and trying to keep a Muslin over my shoulder to keep myself covered. I knocked my straw to the floor. A child, around 8 on the table next to me, noticed and got up and got me a new straw.

His mother, clocking I was feeding, got up and offered to cut up my sandwich. She asked if I needed water. And she told me I was doing a good job.

That woman, that experience, I think of still, almost 6 years later. I needed that. Very much.

And I promised myself that if saw a woman breastfeeding I would make sure to offer help and tell her she’s doing a good job. If I saw a mother struggling (we all know how feral tiny offspring can be), I would ask if she was ok.

Designing my pins and trying to avoid pointless packaging and waste, I used the backing card to also act as a ‘Well Done for Breastfeeding’ card. Sometimes handing a card to someone or leaving it in a Nursing space for someone to find, is just what someone needed that day as a reminder of what a good job they are doing.

I hope you love the pins as much as I do and I hope to develop the breastfeeding pin series, so watch out for new designs coming soon!

I’m so excited to working with Kayla, having been really inspired by her motivation and success in running her business and her growth. Her ethic and direction is really inspiring and designs and creates beautiful products and have often recommended her work to others. I LOVE my breast milk necklace and would recommend any Mama’s immortalising their magnificence in this way.

Love Ellie x


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