Adjustable ring with leaf

Adjustable ring with leaf

Adjustable sterling silver delicate ring with leaf and 6mm pendant. Recommended for ashes but can add a very small amoutn of hair or fur. 

  • Ordering

    Upon placing your order we will contact you for an address to send a small pack to containing a pot and posting instructions for your ashes, hair or fur. If you do not require this please let us know when you order, at which point we will be able to send you our address to send your items to 

  • Care Instructions

    Please note that this ring is extremely delicate. It is an adjustable ring but will not withstand excessive adjustment - so once it is adjusted to your size, it is strongly recommended not to adjust it again or the exessive movement will cause this piece to break. We don't recommned this ring for everyday use as it is so delicate; but if you do choose to wear this daily we must advise that greater care is taken not to catch the leaf on the opposite end, as if this is caught; as above, it may break.

    We don't replace bands that have been broken or snapped so we do recommned taking this information into consideration before purchasing this ring.