3.2mm ashes ring

3.2mm ashes ring

This beautiful ring is 3.2mm wide and perfect to keep your loved ones close! Choose from a range of materials for your ring, and any colour for the core.


Some rings arent available in larger sizes - if in doubt, just send us a little message to double check as we can't always keep up with updating our site in line with the supplier's stock, but can confirm in a message. 


Please ensure that you choose the correct ring size upon ordering as this cannot be changed. We can provide a ring sizer for you to check your size - we just ask this is returned along with your inclusions when sending them to us. 

  • Ordering

    Upon ordering you will receive an email confirmtion along with an address to send remains to, as long as a pot is not required. If this is requierd then we will dispatch this to you within 1 day to the address supplied on the order. 

    We require half a tsp of ashes per order, and any bits unused will be returned to you along with your completed order. 

    Please ensure the ring size is correct before ordering as this cannot be changed