Liquid Gold Enamel Pin

Liquid Gold Enamel Pin



We are now working with Ellie of Elle & Co (find out more about her and her amazing breastfeeding story below), who has designed and created these BEAUTIFUL enamel pins to celebrate breastfeeding and your journey. Wear with pride alongside one of our gorgeous breastmilk jewellery pieces, and support other breastfeeding mums in the process! I've been looking for enamel pins to add to my site for some time, but never quite fit - and then here comes Ellie - not only a very old friend but amazing advocate for woman and breastfeeding, with her own design that is JUST what I've been looking for!


Aside from the pin itself, my favourite part is the card it sits on; here's a few words from Ellie about them - 'Designing my pins and trying to avoid pointless packaging and waste, I used the backing card to also act as a ‘Well Done for Breastfeeding’ card. Sometimes handing a card to someone or leaving it in a Nursing space for someone to find, is just what someone needed that day as a reminder of what a good job they are doing.' 




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    You can select a pin as an add on to your order from each listing or add separately from this listing. We obtain the pins directly from Ellie and send them along with your order, so all will come together! You do also have the option to purchase separately on their own.