Memorial leaf diamante ring

Memorial leaf diamante ring

This beautiful diamante ring has an 8 x 6mm oval stone to hold your inclusions such as ashes, hair, pet fur and horse mane. The ring has an ornate leaf detail finish either side of the breastmilk stone. This is a truly unique, beautiful piece also available in sterling silver or rose gold plated sterling silver.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

The colours you can choose from are listed below - please let us know in your order notes which colour you would  like as a base within your piece (many of these shades are new and we don't have our own colour swatches of many of them, just stock photos from our supplier - we will be working hard in the new year to collect colour examples of all available shades)

Transparent turquoise

Transparent blue

Transparent jade green

Transparent apple green

Transparent purple

Transparent yellow

Transparent amber

Transparent red

Opaque white

Opaque black

Opaque steel grey

Opaque navy blue

Opaque sea blue

Opaque summer blue

Opaque sky blue

Opaque slate blue

Opaque baby blue

Opaque forest green

Opaque moss green

Opaque emerald green

Opaque lilac

Opaque deep plum purple

Opaque raspberry red

Opaque deep red

Opaque fuschia pink

Opaque deep pink

Opaque bubblegum pink

Opaque orange

Opaque rich brown

Silver glitter

Green glitter

White glitter

Aurora glitter

Black glitter

Grey glitter

Purple glitter

Apple green glitter

Blue glitter



Light grey

Steel grey

Gunmetal grey


Metallic gold


Metallic silver


Rose gold

Chameleon bronze


Sapphire blue

Royal blue

Bluebell blue

Light blue

Kingfisher blue

Deep lake turquoise

Bright summer blue

Emerald green

Green goddess

Mint green

Extra strong mint green

Lime green

Olive gold green

Moss green

Khaki green



Purple grey

Purple passion

Burlesque pink /purple

Rosebud pink

Blush pink

Hot pink

Bubblegum pink


Light/ Dark orange


Sangria red

Light/Dark brown

Sahara shimmer brown

Vampire grey/brown

  • Ring sizing

    Please ensure the ring size you order is correct as this cannot be changed once the order has been placed as all our rings are custom made to the size requested. If you are unsure of your size, a ring sizer can be requested and sent to you (we do ask these are returned). If you do require a ring change due to your own sizing error, there is a £30 charge to order a new on.

  • Turnaround time

    Please be aware that we have a 4 to 8 week turnaround on all our resin keepsake items (excluding Christmas – please check the home page during the Christmas period for up to date advice). This begins from the date we receive your inclusions – NOT the date your order was placed.

    Please be mindful of this when ordering if you require your order for a specific date. We can send a gift voucher with the kit to collect your milk if it is likely the finished piece wont arrive in time for the date you require it for.