Mother and baby breastmilk necklace

Mother and baby breastmilk necklace

This beautiful sterling silver pendant features a mother with her child shaped into a heart, with a space to fill with your precious breastmilk. The 18" sterling silver chain threads through the back of this pendant so it sits beautifully when worn. 


We will send a vial to collect 5ml of your milk supply, and we are able to use fresh or frozen (no matter how long your supply has been frozen for). Any remaining preserved milk is kept for up to a year should you require any further pieces. This kit will be sent to the delivery address on your order form so please ensure this is correct. 

  • Additions (about)

    Please note, we do not have clear photo exampels of the white glitter or aurora dust add ins as these do not photograph well. The white glitter is visible glitter particles within your breastmilk, whereas the aurora dust is a fine dust like glitter that shines like opal when caught in the sunlight. This option is very subtle - and neither options will alter the overall white colour of your milk.