Stacking memorial/breastmilk rings

Stacking memorial/breastmilk rings

This beautiful set of 3 rings is a stunning way to commemorate and remember a loved one. These pieces are fully customisable and we can add multiple inclusions; such as ashes, hair, pet fur - as well as embellishments like gold/silver/rose gold leaf and we have a great selection of crushed stone to replicate birthstones if preferred. We recommend contacting us to have a good chat about your requirements for the 2 pendants so we can come up with the perfect design for you!


The bands are approximately 2mm thick; one plain, one has a 6mm pendant on and the other a 4mm pendant. All 3 rings are sterling silver, and to ensure they sit nicely together on your finger, all 3 rings will come in the same size. We can provide a ring sizer if you are unsure of your ring size; we do just ask that these are returned. Please check your emails (including junk) for the confirmation email and details of how to send us you inclusions.


*The price is for all 3 rings*


Please add your colour choices/additional inclusions such as gold/silver/rose gold leaf or birthstone choice in the personalised section below - if you would like just colour or clear with just inclusions, please speficy and select from the extensive colour list below.


Transparent turquoise

Transparent blue

Transparent jade green

Transparent apple green

Transparent purple

Transparent yellow

Transparent amber

Transparent red

Opaque white

Opaque black

Opaque steel grey

Opaque navy blue

Opaque sea blue

Opaque sky blue

Opaque slate blue

Opaque baby blue

Opaque forest green

Opaque lilac

Opaque deep plum purple

Opaque raspberry red

Opaque deep red

Opaque fuschia pink

Opaque deep pink

White glitter

Aurora glitter

Black glitter

Grey glitter

Purple glitter

Apple green glitter

Blue glitter



Light grey

Steel grey

Gunmetal grey


Metallic gold


Metallic silver


Rose gold

Chameleon bronze


Sapphire blue

Royal blue

Bluebell blue

Light blue

Emerald green

Mint green

Lime green

Olive gold green


Purple grey


Light/ Dark orange


  • Ring sizing

    Please ensure that the ring size provided is the final and correct ring size as this cannot be changed once we have ordered your rings as they are custom made for us. If you do require replacement rings, there will be a charge of £60 to replace all 3 rings in a new size. If you are at all unsure, request a returnable ring sizer - or if this is a gift you can request a ring sizer and message us for a gift voucher and the rings can be made once you are absolutely certain of size. 

  • What is the enamel pin?

    What is it? Follow the link below to view, read more about the sentiment behind the pin and read more about it's creator!

  • Turnaround time

    Please be aware that we have a 4 to 8 week turnaround on all our resin keepsake items (excluding Christmas – please check the home page during the Christmas period for up to date advice). This begins from the date we receive your inclusions – NOT the date your order was placed.

    Please be mindful of this when ordering if you require your order for a specific date. We can send a gift voucher with the kit to collect your milk if it is likely the finished piece wont arrive in time for the date you require it for.